Clark School Research Nominated for “Invention of the Year”

Clark School Research Nominated for “Invention of the Year”

Clark School Research Nominated for “Invention of the Year”

An ingestible device for localized drug delivery is nominated for the University of Maryland’s (UMD) Invention of the Year Award in the Life Sciences category. The system uses a 3D printed housing, battery, heating element and flexible cantilever to guide and actuate the capsule made to treat chronic problems in the gastrointestinal tract. The actuator can deliver drug-loaded microneedles to planned locations and deliver multiple doses at different locations. The technology is expected to improve treatment of GI diseases, Like Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, by increasing treatment efficacy while reducing drug side effects.

Professor Reza Ghodssi’s (ECE/ISR/Fischell Institute Fellow) MEMS Sensors and Actuators Laboratory has been working on ingestible capsules for six years. Recently, this research was highlighted as the front cover picture of Advanced Healthcare Materials in February 2024. Materials Science & Engineering Ph.D. student Joshua Levy, Bioengineering Ph.D. Student Michael Straker, UMD Research Associate Luke Beardslee, Alumnus and current MATRIX Lab Assistant Research Scientist Justin Stine (Ph.D. '23, Electrical & Computer Engineering), UMD Visiting Assistant Professor Santiago Botasini, Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist Pankaj J. Pasricha, alumnus Hossein Abianeh '22, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Ghodssi have contributed to the research.

During the spring semester, UM Ventures hosts the Invention of the Year Awards to honor university inventors and inventions from the previous year. UMD A. James Clark School of Engineering faculty members, researchers, and students are regular nominees in the three invention categories: information science, life science, and physical science. A panel of UMD personnel and industry experts selects one winner from each group of finalists.

Finalist innovators will be recognized and winners will be announced at this year’s Innovate Maryland event on Monday, April 29 at The Hall CP.

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March 14, 2024

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