Engineering Lost and Found

A. James Clark School of Engineering Lost and Found

  • 3110 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building (Dean's Office, x58335)
  • Clark Hall (Erica Benkert, Room 4102C, x59673)
  • A.V. Williams Building (Edna Walker, Room 2415, x53683)
  • Chemical Engineering (Patricia Lorenzana, Room 2113, x51935)
  • Chemical Engineering (Jenna Bishop, Room 2144, x58932)
  • Materials Science & Engineering (Sherri Tatum, Room 2135, x55240)

Computer Lab Lost and Found:

  • 0123 Glenn L. Martin Hall: For items lost in Martin Hall computer labs, go to the EIT Helpdesk in 0123 Martin Hall.
  • 2125 J.M. Patterson Building: For items lost in J.M. Patterson computer labs, go to EIT Reception Desk in 2125 J.M. Patterson Building.

Additional Resources