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The ENGR ADR team (shown below) provides sources and support to increase ENGR faculty's capacity to pursue a wide range of funding opportunities - from ideation, concept development, team formation, to organizational structures for proposal preparation. Auxiliary support is also available to maximize research impact and to share best practices, such as the Big Idea Workshops and the Early Career Proposal Town Hall.


Robert Briber
Associate Dean for Research

As the Associate Dean for Research, Robert provides strategic research leadership to support development of capacity and excellence in achievement of the Faculty's research goals and objectives.


Don Woodbury, Ph.D.
Director, Innovation and Partnerships

Don focuses on enhancing innovation and impact in the research portfolio, fostering the development of big ideas, creating new partnerships with gove rnment and industry, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship within the campus and region.


Elizabeth Lathrop, Ph.D.
Proposal Development Specialist

Elizabeth provides critical support to the college's capacity for complex, multidisciplinary research initiatives in response to targeted funding opportunities. Working closely with the faculty, proposal development serves range from formulating a responsive proposal framework and facilitating communication/coordination among an extended proposal team, to providing writing/editing expertise as well as the associated supporting documents. The development of an effective proposal production system - logistics, quality control, communication versioning, archiving systems, among others - will greatly facilitate the impact of the ENGR research enterprise.


Julie Berry Julie Berry
Program Administrative Specialist

Provides administrative support for the ADR department as well as to the Assistant to the Dean.


Ed Angelovich Ed Angelovich, RA
Director of Facilities Operations
Principal facilities leader for the Engineering buildings. Represents the Dean's Office, key responsibilities include the direction and management of all master planning, project design, and construction for facilities renovations and capital projects. Serves as the Clark School's Academic Facilities Officer, and primary stakeholder representative, proactively identifies and executes infrastructure improvements, coordinates space relocations, collaborates with external departments /Colleges throughout campus, and provides technical/operational guidance to faculty, staff, students, and researchers.


Nebula Project Initiative

The goal of this project is to support the development of Clark School’s cluster of faculty stars: Tenure-Track and Professional-Track (PTK)

This project is focused on junior faculty with projects targeting:

  1. Faculty grantsmanship
  2. Research portfolio strategies for longevity
  3. Non-traditional sources of funding
  4. Faculty mentoring network

Nebula logo

funding cycles for early career funding opportunities

Career Links

NSF CAREER - ($100K/yr for 5 years; 30-40 awards/yr) Link
DOE OS Early Career - (~$150K/yr for 5 years; 30-40 awards/yr) Link
NASA Early Career Faculty (ECF) - ($200K/yr for 3 years; 8-9 awards/yr) Link
ONR YIP - ($170K/yr for 3 years; 30-35 awards/yr) Link
AFRL YIP - ($120K/yr for 3 years; ~36 awards/yr) Link
NAS Gulf Coast Early Career Fellowship - offshore energy system safety and the well-being of coastal communities and ecosystems Link
NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) - “Faculty Development Grant” on nuclear engineering ($450K for 3 years) Link
NIH Director’s Early Independent Award (EIA) Link
Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists
Internal UMD competition is required via VPR’s limited submission portal
VPR Resources: more can be found here: Link
The Vilcek Foundation - Creative Promise in Biomedical Science Link

Nebular Cohort - early career faculty:

  • Kevin Daniel (Electrical & Computer Engineering, Institute for Research in Electronics & Applied Physics)
  • Cheng Gong (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Katrina Groth (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Katharina Maisel (Fischell Dept. of Bioengineering)
  • Michael Otte (Aerospace Engineering)
  • Allison Reilly (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • Chen Zhang (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
  • You Zhou (Materials Science & Engineering)

ADR special events

  • NSF CAREER Workshops / Town Halls

    Many thanks to our past NSF CAREER winners for sharing their experience and best practices!  

    2020 ENGR CAREER Proposal Town Hall Discussion Panelists

    2020 NSF Career winners

    2021 ENGR Career Proposal Town Hall Discussion Panelists

    2022 ENGR Career Proposal Town Hall Discussion Panelists

  • New Faculty Orientation on Proposal Development
  • Big Idea Workshops

To request proposal development assistance, please visit:

ADR proposal development request

ADR checklist



ENGR ADR proposal development basics

Below is an overview of the different areas where the ENGR ADR Office will be able to provide assistance toward research development and proposal preparation. If you have any questions, please contact:

proposal development basics