Operations Academy Welcoming a New Class of Graduates

Operations Academy Welcoming a New Class of Graduates

Operations Academy Welcoming a New Class of Graduates

The Operations Academy is a two-week, total immersion transportation management and operations program that was developed by the I-95 Corridor Coalition and is supported by the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT). The program is now in the enrollment process for its third session to be held September 16-26, 2008 in Linthicum, Maryland. The upcoming session will feature a mix of classroom instruction, workshops, and analysis of existing systems to ensure the retention of the principles presented.

Feedback from the first two sessions has been outstanding. According to John Cater, Assistant Division Administrator, FHWA New Hampshire Division and a November 2007 Academy graduate “The Operations Academy provided me with the opportunity to learn from expert instructors and field practitioners about how operations concepts should be applied.  This includes both at the management level and the technical level and gives me the tools and knowledge necessary to help improve the effectiveness of the transportation system.”

To date, a total of 45 participants have graduated from the program, these participants have represented 18 different states across the country including Puerto Rico. They have also represented agencies including Federal, State, city, county, toll authorities, and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs). Acceptance into the program is very competitive and requires the nomination of a local, state, or federal transportation agency. It also requires a commitment on the part of those attending the program to satisfy the pre-study requirements, and to spend two uninterrupted weeks participating in the Academy’s activities.

The Senior Management Program is designed for mid to high level managers whose existing or future responsibilities include transportation management and operations. The following objectives are covered during the program:

  • Describe the impact of transportation management and operations on the mobility and safety of the highway system. 
  • Manage an organization whose primary mission is transportation management and operations, or an organization that includes operations as one of its key activities.
  • Effectively advocate the creation of an operational focus within their agencies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the technical tools of management and operations and the conditions under which they can be effectively applied and managed.

Each participant upon successful completion of the program (a passing grade of 70% or better) receives a framed Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificate from the University of Maryland, as well as an engraved glass plaque, an Operations Academy polo shirt, and a few other fun giveaways.

The Operations Academy also receives support from the following organizations: the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).

For more information about the Operations Academy visit  www.operationsacademy.org

May 21, 2008

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