ECE 2328 AVW Medium Board Room

Reservation Policies

Booking and check-in policies are listed in the details section of each space. Please read and be aware of them.

If “Booking Requires Approval” is listed, your booking is incomplete until you receive email confirmation that the booking has been approved.

General Rules & Responsibilities

  • You must be a current UMDCP faculty, staff, or student with a valid UMD ID.
    • If you book a space for someone outside the University, you are personally and financially responsible for their conduct.
  • Booking names cannot contain obscene, racist, or offensive content.
  • You must add your Faculty Advisor if you are a student.
  • As soon as you know your event will not be held, cancel the booking.
  • Do not remove or add furniture to the space.
    • If you do bring any additional furniture, be sure to return it to its original location.
  • Use only dry-erase markers on the whiteboards.

You must clean all spaces after use. Failure to comply with the following will result in a minimum fee of $200.00:

  • Wipe down whiteboards.
    • Only use a microfiber cloth, felt eraser, or water to clean the whiteboard. Never use an alcohol-based spray. It will irrevocably damage the board.
  • When cleaning supplies are provided, you should use them to wipe down equipment, tables, and credenzas.
  • All trash and recyclables generated during the booking must be disposed of properly.
    • Dumpsters are located on the side of each building.
  • The space is to be returned to its default configuration, including but not limited to tables, chairs, equipment, windows, blinds, door locks, and lights.
    • If the space is left in disarray and/or a non-standard configuration, or the in-room equipment is non-operational or missing after the booking, you may be charged a substantial fee and may be denied future bookings.

IT and A/V assistance and equipment may be requested through the EIT Help Desk during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday).

  • Please contact EIT before booking if you require IT or A/V assistance or equipment after hours or on the weekend.

To request the following services, forward the room confirmation, and list of services wanted to the EIT Help Desk (

  • Microphone(s)
  • Phone

Add DETS ( to your forward if requesting the following services:

  • Video Recording Services
    • First Hour $100, Every Additional Hour $50

Contact Information

Contact Information
Contact Name Email Phone Department
ECE Help 301-405-3689 Electrical & Computer

Make a Reservation

Make a Reservation
Room Number Capacity Building Maps Reserve Room
AVW2328 15 A.V. Williams Reservation Form
Note: To reserve ISR & ECE conference rooms you will need to sign into the Scheduling Calendar using your University email address.

ISR room policies

Because ISR rooms are heavily used, they are subject to the following policies in addition to the general policies common to all reservations.

Acceptable uses of the rooms

ISR rooms can be used for meetings, seminars, student defenses, and receptions or other social events. They are not intended for classroom use. Exceptions may be granted for events after 5 pm and on weekends.

Room use by individuals and groups outside ISR

Individuals and groups with no connection to ISR may reserve ISR rooms for single events only. They cannot reserve rooms for recurring, full-day, or multiple-day events.

Cancelling events

As soon as you know your event will not be held, you must use the reservation system to cancel your event and release the room. This is especially important if you are the person responsible for recurring events. If you regularly neglect to cancel, your event may be cancelled by a calendar administrator, and you may be denied the ability to book recurring events in the future.

Agreement for recurring ISR events

ISR-affiliated persons seeking to book recurring events in ISR rooms must agree to the cancellation responsibilities before the reservation can be approved. Requests for recurring events are not automatically approved.

Post-event cleanup of rooms 1146 and 2168

1) ISR rooms 1146 and 2168 are designed for flexible use and may be reconfigured for seminars, business meetings or receptions. Everyone using 1146 or 2168 must return the room to its default seminar room configuration after the event is over. Pictures of these configurations are posted in the rooms and can be viewed and downloaded here.

2) All trash generated by the event must be bagged and placed in the hallway outside the room.

3) If you leave the room in disarray or in a non-standard configuration after your event, you may be charged a fee for cleanup and you may be denied use of ISR rooms in the future.

Room access

1) When you make a reservation, add at least 15 minutes of time before the actual start of the event so a University ID card can be programmed to unlock the door in time for set up. [Example: The event is from 2:00-3:00 pm; you reserve the room for 1:45-3:00 pm.]

2) The UID number you give when making the reservation should be that of the person who will be opening the room. This may or may not be you. Please be responsible to your guests and respectful to ISR staff, and have someone there to open the room for your event.

*** If the conference room is booked, please see the list of other conference room spaces.


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