Kay Boardroom (1107)

Contact Information

Contact Information
Contact Name Email Phone Department
Trashaun Westbury twestbur@umd.edu 301-405-8335 Dean's Office

Make a Reservation

Make a Reservation
Room Number Capacity Building Maps Reserve Room
KEB1107 23 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Reservation Form

KEB1107Please read the policies in their entirety prior to submitting the Reservation Form: policy page.

Failure to comply with these policies may result in a charge of $250.00 minimum to your department.

For questions regarding the Kay Boardrooms, please contact Trashaun Westbury in the Dean’s Office at 301-405-8335 or twestbur@umd.edu.

  • The Kay Boardrooms are arranged conference style. Each room has 8 tables in a U-shaped configuration; each U-shaped configuration seats 16 people.
  • There are approximately 22 chairs in each Kay Boardroom and a combined total of 45 chairs if the rooms are joined. The standing capacity in each Kay Boardroom is 49.
  • There is a retractable room divider between the Kay Boardrooms which allows the spaces to be combined or used separately. Two people are required to open or close the divider by standing on either side and simultaneously turning the knobs on the wall.
  • If you are only using one Kay Boardroom for your meeting/event, you must ensure an even distribution of chairs in each room prior to closing the divider. Failure to do so may result in a disruption to your meeting/event.
  • Kay Boardroom furniture is not to be removed from the rooms by anyone other than Facilities Management staff. Kay Boardroom furniture is not to be moved into the Pepco Seminar Room or into the hallway. All tables and chairs must be returned to their original configuration prior to the end of your reservation.
  • Food and beverages are permitted in the Kay Boardrooms with the condition that ALL debris and trash be removed after the meeting/event. This includes emptying the trashcans and bringing trash out to the dumpster between the Kim Building and Potomac Building.
  • Do not move the podiums in the Kay Boardrooms. If you wish to have the podiums relocated, please submit a request to eit-help@umd.com at least 24-hours prior to your event.
  • Classes are not permitted within the reservable spaces, with the exception of Lecture Hall 1110.
  • Thumbtacks, staples, or adhesives of any kind are not permitted on any walls, doors, or other painted surfaces anywhere within/around the Kim Building.
  • The use of trashcans or chairs to prop open doors is not permitted.
  • To sign out the keys for the Kay Boardrooms, Zupnik Lecture Hall, and/or Catering Room, please visit the Dean’s Office (Kim Building room 3110).
  • All keys (swipe keys and hard keys) must be returned immediately after your meeting/event. If your meeting/event ends after business hours, you must return all keys to the appropriate office by 10:00am the following weekday. Failure to return keys will result in a charge of $30.00 per key to your department.
*** If the conference room is booked, please see the list of other conference room spaces.


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PTZ Camera in rear of room