2162 DeWALT Conference Room

Contact Information

Contact Information
Contact Name Email Phone Department
ME Front Desk meit@umd.edu 301-405-2410 Mechanical

Make a Reservation

Make a Reservation
Room Number Capacity Building Maps Reserve Room
EGR2162 18 Glenn L. Martin Hall Reservation Form
*NOTE:  Additional reservation methods can be found here (https://help.umd.edu/en-us/article/how-do-i-reserve-a-meeting-room-1lib379/) and the rules & responsibilities that you accept when reserving this room can be found here (https://hub.me.umd.edu/meet/#rules).

DeWALT Conference Room (Building 088 Room 2162)

Located in the second floor of Martin Hall, this room seats 10 around the conference table. Seats an additional 8 around the perimeter of the room. The setup is conference room only. Equipment includes an Apple TV, computer, phone, projector, speakers, and whiteboard.

ACCESS: The DeWalt Rooms are freely accessible during normal office hours, weekdays between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm (excluding campus closures). If you wish to reserve the meeting rooms on weekends, campus closures, or before/after normal office hours you will need to provide the University ID (UID) of the person responsible for opening the room. The UID you provide be granted card-swipe access to the meeting room during the reserved time only. If you need additional time for staging or setup please be sure it is reflected in your reservation.

Rules & Responsibilities

Please read through and adhere to the following rules & responsibilities when reserving a meeting room:

  • Meeting rooms can be used for meetings, seminars, student defenses, receptions or other social events.
  • They are not intended for classroom use.
  • However, exceptions may be granted for reservations after 5:00 pm and weekends.
  • If you are an individual or group with no connection to ME you may reserve meeting rooms for single meetings only.
  • You cannot reserve rooms for recurring, full-day, or multiple-day meetings or events.
  • As soon as you are aware that your meeting will not be held, you must use the reservation system to cancel your meeting and release the meeting room.
  • This is especially important if you are the person responsible for recurring meetings.
  • If you regularly neglect to cancel, your meeting may be cancelled by an administrator, and you may be denied the ability to book recurring meetings in the future.
  • Use only dry-erase markers on the whiteboards and be sure to wipe the board(s) clean when the meeting has concluded.
  • Only use a microfiber cloth, felt eraser, or water to clean the whiteboard.
  • Never use an alcohol based spray, it will irrevocably damage the board.
  • While food and drink are allowed in meeting rooms, please be aware that you are responsible for cleanup and any damage to equipment, furniture, and flooring.
  • Meeting rooms must be returned to their default configuration after your scheduled time has ended.
  • Do not remove or add furniture to the meeting room.
  • If you bring any additional furniture, be sure to return it to its original location.
  • All trash and recyclables must be properly disposed of.
  • When the meeting concludes all equipment should be operational and in the following state:
    • Computer: ON
    • Projector: OFF
    • Lights: OFF

If the room is left in disarray and/or a non-standard configuration, or the in-room equipment is non-operational or missing after the meeting, you may be charged a fee and you may be denied use of ME meeting rooms in the future. Also be aware that if you reserve a meeting room for someone outside the university you are personally and financially responsible for their conduct.

Amenities: We can provide you with additional tables, adapters, and phones. Please visit the front desk in 2181 Martin Hall during normal office hours (see Access above) to make reservations and check out any needed equipment.


ME Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students

If you are a member of the Mechanical Engineering Department you can reserve a room here, or by using the Google calendar plugin, or iOS and Android mobile app. Help with all three methods can be found here. Please be aware that by reserving a meeting room through this service you automatically accept the rules & responsibilities listed above.

All Others

Fill out the form here to reserve a meeting room. Reservations do not appear in the calendar until your request is reviewed by the calendar administrator, this only occurs during normal office hours (see Access above). You will be notified if there is a problem with the request.

Questions? Contact the front desk by email at mefrontdesk@umd.edu, by phone by dialing extension 52410, or visiting 2181 Martin Hall.
*** If the conference room is booked, please see the list of other conference room spaces.
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Projector, In-Room Speakers, Notebook PC, Airtame, and Meeting Owl are all provided.